Happy '06 but sad news as well. I'm sure some of you have heard the rumor but I might as well make it official, High Speed Chase has gone through a very big change. Within the past month, our line-up has broken apart. Sparing the details, of course, I want to thank everyone who came out to see what I believe to be the final HSC gig at CB's on New Year's. I hope you all had as good a time as I did. I had no idea what was coming after such a great show but at least, if it really was the last, it was one to be remembered. By no means do I intend to sit by and lament. Instead I'm looking to either put together a new line-up under the HSC moniker or under a new name, or perhaps join an established band as a guitar/bass player. Either way, I personally want to thank everyone who supported High Speed Chase over the past seven years. I will always appreciate your efforts to help our cause with your ongoing dedication to our shows and music. So with this in mind, I can only promise that something bigger and better is on the horizon. And without a doubt, I will be more than pleased to have you all on board for the next wild ride. Thanks again to all of our friends and fans!
Luv Yas, -Gibby