Band Photo You can just about smell what's left of the music scene in New York right now. Artists are playing to empty rooms, record labels are averting their interest to the left coast, and the fans sit here helpless, wondering aloud, "Where did the rock go?" Well call off the hunt. High Speed Chase has arrived, and with them they bring the hope and the promise that rock can still do the job full-time. Abandoning pretentious wardrobes and attempts at high-concept crossbreeding, High Speed Chase turn stages into speedways with their custom brand of aggro-rock, and their debut CD, Speed Limit None, true to its title, may as well come equipped with air bags.

Considering the personalities involved, it's not surprising that such an enormous sound could come from a single compact disc. Front man Chris Gibson has been preparing all his life for this, making faces in the mirror and screaming into a tape recorder since childhood. Rad Del Prete on the other hand casually alternates between nursing a bottle of Jameson, and inducing seizures via the lost art of the guitar solo. Having brandished authority over his drum kit for years with swing metal outfit Demonspeed, Jim King insists that he and bassist Lava keep the pace, compelling a seismic quality from the ground below.

Perhaps most striking about High Speed Chase is their unrelenting live performance. Combine a vibrant and violent hellride through the duality of human nature and the tragic consequences of alienation, wrapped up in a miasma of discord and despair, and High Speed Chase prove again and again that fist-to-the-face rocking with balls-to-the-wall headbanging make for an out-of-body experience. Some feel dazed, others enlightened -- but all are changed in some profound, unexplainable way.

In a remarkably short time after forming, High Speed Chase have chalked up a number of notable performances, playing with artists from Green Day to The Fixx. In addition, High Speed Chase were also the masterminds behind the You Can't Keep Us Down 9/11 benefit concert held at CBGB in early October 2001. The band's inspiration for organizing such a highly successful fundraiser comes partially from Gibson's experience with Rock The Vote -- having worked closely with the late, great Joey Ramone, ex-Talking Heads keyboardist/guitarist Jerry Harrison, and Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba.

Having earned New York City's regard with airplay on 92.3 K-Rock's "The Buzz," High Speed Chase's exposure also includes more than 40,000 downloads from their website, and inclusion on the Ranger Edge Trax compilation CD (10,000 units worldwide) sponsored by Ford Trucks.

To coincide with the release of Speed Limit None High Speed Chase will embark on an extensive performance and promotional tour. For news, photos, and show dates, check back regularly at

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